Wildlife Protection and Conservation Fee

How Can You Help?

BC Whale Tours is implementing a $2 per person wildlife protection and conservation fee (WPCF).  This fee applies to all guests that purchase any whale watching tours or private charter. 

BC Whale Tours will donate to local non-profit organizations that focus their efforts and resources on conserving and protecting the longevity of the Southern Resident Orca (SRKW) population, other marine mammal species, and the environmental health of our local marine system. These organizations are the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) & the Centre of Whale Research (CWR).  These organizations are dedicated to the overall health and protection of the SRKWs along with the conservation and protection of wild salmon.  This is due to the strong evidence suggesting that food availability and quality of that food has a major impact on the SRKW population in regards to their social structure, activity budget, foraging success and body condition.

"killer whale populations are ultimately food limited." (Ford, J 2012).  

In other words, it's as simply as...NO FISH = NO WHALES